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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Project FF Diary 2

[This is the second in a series blog posts detailing the Layton Racing/Quantum Mechanics Honda FF program, as we convert a Kent-engined Van Diemen to Honda Fit power and run a season of SCCA National Racing. It should be fun, and you’re welcome to follow our progress – Dan Layton. ]

Step 2: Take it apart and see what you REALLY bought…

Getting the car from New Paltz, NY (just outside New York City) to its new home at Quantum in Oklahoma City – on Thanksgiving weekend no less – was a bit of an adventure in itself. But that’s a story for another time.

Run by the father/son duo of Wendell and Slade Miller, Quantum Mechanics has been around for decades and always does a great job. They’ve got experience running everything from SCCA Club Racing programs to Pro Sports 2000 and Pro FF2000, plus Vintage and even a USAC Midget effort(!).

The cars they run are competitive, safe and reliable – exactly what you want from a partner/prep shop. We approach racing with a similar mindset, and we both see the long-term potential in developing a strong FF program and building Quantum into a "next step team" for karting graduates.

The Van Diemen’s new home: Quantum Mechanics in Oklahoma City, OK.,
Because that’s one of our goals for this project: establish the team as a multi-car Honda FF effort and started heading some talented kids up the racing ladder towards IndyCars.

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