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Monday, December 21, 2009

HPD Formula F - FAQ v1.2

Formula F - Frequently Asked Questions v1.2

  • What happens to the $500 deposit for the Formula F Kit?
    The $500 deposit request was generated in an effort to help us plan the number of bespoke parts to kick off... Sumps/Manifolds/etc. The deposit does not lock the customer into the purchase of a particular level of assembly. The deposit can be applied to a purchase of any of the kit levels that we offer:

  1. Entire FF engine+chassis installation.

  2. FF engine kit (OE Fit crate engine + bespoke FF engine kit).

  3. Bespoke FF part kit (above, minus Fit crate engine).

  • Will the gearbox input shaft be included in the Kit? What about the clutch slave cylinder?
    Yes, input shafts come with the chassis kit. Clutch slave cylinder will be included also. The DB-1 will be a complete slave cylinder with throw out bearing; the DB-6 will have a spacer behind the original slave cylinder. The Van Diemen is in process.

  • What is included in the Swift DB-1 Formula F kit?
  1. OE Fit crate engine; assembled.

  2. Honda bespoke FF engine parts kit which is required to convert the OE Fit engine into the Formula F unit. The kit consists of Throttle, Intake Manifold, Sump/Pump, etc. (Conversion does not require changes/adjustments to the engine's internal moving/reciprocating engine parts.)

  3. DB-1 chassis installation kit; parts needed to install the Formula F engine into a Swift DB-1 chassis. These parts include Mounts, Hoses, Adapter, Input Shaft, Lower Engine Panel Body Blisters, etc.

  • How will the fuel system be set up? What modifications do I need to do to my fuel cell?
    The fuel system will be a dead head type. A high pressure pump and regulator will be in the cell with only the main feed, vent and electrical connector exiting the cell. You will need to drill a third whole in the filler plate for the connector and remove some foam to make room for the pump and regulator.

  • Will I have to modify my bodywork?
    The Swift DB-1 and DB-6 will require the addition of blisters on the lower right and left engine covers. These will be supplied in the Kit. Slight modification of the internal air box area may be required. Preliminary work on the Van Diemen is showing the need for a new engine cover.

  • What complete conversion kits will HPD be supporting?
    The Swift DB-1, DB-6 and 1999 to present Van Diemen.

  • Will HPD supply the dash with the kit?
    A dash will not be supplied with the kit. We will supply an engine harness, chassis harness and ECU.

  • How do I know what dash will work with the Fit engine?
    The harness will include a CAN breakout for dash and one for an analog tachometer. The ECU will use the Bosch MS4 protocol. Check your dash manufacture for compatibility with the Bosch MS4.

  • What sensors will be standard on the engine?
    Engine speed (RPM), Cam Phase, Throttle position, Manifold air pressure, Water temperature, Air temperature, Wideband Lambda sensor and Oil Pressure switch. Optional sensors will be available for Oil Temperature, Oil Pressure and Fuel Pressure. The engine will be delivered with the stock oil pressure sender which will operate an LED on the dash.

  • Will the ECU have sensor diagnostics?
    Yes, there will be a breakout for an LED light box that will flash codes for diagnostics.

  • What is the power curve of the Fit engine?
    This will be determined by the SCCA at a dyno test at the end of January. The SCCA will determine the restrictor size at that time.

  • Will the engine and Kits come with an assembly manual?
    Yes. The kits will include a Honda Fit service manual, an HPD produced manual for installing the engine kit parts onto the stock Fit engine and an HPD produced manual for chassis installation. There will be a trouble shooting section and dash connector information included.

  • Will I need to modify the frame to properly install the Fit?
    For the HPD supplied kits, no frame modifying will be required.

  • Where can I get a price list?
    The price list for Swift DB-6, Van Diemen and individual parts will be released at the beginning of the year. The Swift DB-1 kit is $11,750.00.

  • Will any junk yard Fit engine work?
    You will need to be sure that it is a 2009 model: L15A7. You can tell by the single exhaust port in the head.

  • Do I have to run the Honda Fit Alternator?
    HPD will supply the kit engines with a smaller Denso unit. This alternator and the stock unit will both be legal for use.

  • What is the weight of the engine?
    The weight of the engine is 221 lbs. This includes the starter, small alternator and the clutch assembly.

  • What oil pan skid plate is used?
    Use the stock Swift skid block and hardware.

  • What's the best way to remove the oil pan locator dowels without damaging them?
    We use a Snap-on style dowel puller set. If you have a slide hammer and small internal bearing pullers, that would work as well. Worst case, try some local heat and use vise grips, (you can polish out slight damage).

  • Will a power curve graph be published to establish gearing, shift points etc.?
    We are trying to setup a database for gearing recommendations, however this may take a while. In the meantime, you can gear for a 6,600 or 6,700 RPM shift point. With the 27.5 restrictor you will probably notice the power drop off around 6,400 RPM. The rev limiter will hit at 7,000 RPM.

  • The Racing Line part list shows 2 different spark plugs for the L15A7 engine (Denso, NGK). Which ones are appropriate for the racing application?
    Our testing used the NGK specification, however either spark plug would be fine to use.

  • Is the ACG pulley field replaceable such that we'd only need a spare ACG (Part # 31100F21SA20) or will it require a complete ACG & pulley for it to be useable as a spare in the field?
    Yes, the pulley is field replaceable.

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