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Saturday, December 31, 2011

1500cc HONDA FIT for the Canadian Formula Tour 1600 Season in 2012

*translated from a French language post by MaxMarcel

The series FORMULA TOUR 1600 Inc. is pleased to announce a technical change with the arrival of the new, modern 1500cc Honda Fit engine, specially developed by Honda Performance Development. Formula Tour 1600 Series Inc. announces that the Honda Fit 1500cc engine will be allowed for 2012.

More than 61 drivers registered to compete in Formula Tour 1600 in 2011, with an average attendance of more than 35 cars. The new, modern Honda engine will be allowed at each of its 12 races over 6 weekends in 2012. The Ford Kent engine will continue. This engine will always be part of F1600, and will probably continue to be used in most of the chassis. But the more modern Honda engine will be really good to attract new racers coming into the series, from karting and elsewhere. From 2012, the Ford Kent engine will have competition from the Honda Fit for sure.This link between Formula Tour 1600 and Honda/HPD Los Angeles -- already well known for their successful IndyCar engines -- is part of the development strategy the series wants to put forward for the next five years. The questions of some regarding interest in our series can now disappear because they have the choice of two engines. This is a very good news for people who have no interest into Ford Kent engine.

The main specifications / specicications:

Ford KENTHonda L15A7 (Fit)
IntakeCarburetorThrottle Body, Restricted
Cam LocationBlockHead
Block MaterialFeAl
Head MaterialAlAl
HP115 hp115 hp
TORQUE112 ft/lbs.112 ft/lbs.
Max RPM70006800
Management Systemn/aHonda ECU
Approximate Prices$12,000$15,000
Minimum Maintenance1 Year3 Years

RESTRICTION: The Honda Fit MUST use a restrictor of 30.5 mm and is original (all parts) and no changes are allowed. This plate is given by Formula Tour / restrictor plate of 30.5 mm IS mandatory for Honda Fit. This one Will Be supply by Formula Tour.Motor sealed: avoid inspection by race and may be done by preparers include: Quicksilver, Britain West, Mortimer Racing, Remillard. This option is not mandatory / Seal engine IS RECOMMENDED Eliminate tech inspection and purpose It is not mandatory.

For more information please contact the Formula Tour Series at 819-350-9750.


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