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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Andersen Wins Inaugural Pacific Formula F Super Series Title

The Pacific Formula F Super Series wrapped up October 7-9 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway road course, with veteran California Formula F racer Jerry Andersen claiming the inaugural series title on the strength of a pair of second-place finishes.

A highlight of the fourth and final doubleheader race weekend of 2011 was the appearance of international racing star Simon Pagenaud, making a guest appearance aboard a Piper Honda Formula F fielded by PR1 Motorsports. Pagenaud reveled in this return to his racing roots, as he four-wheel-drifted the Piper to a pair of victories at the desert road course.

“I was just 13 when I first drove a Formula F in France, but driving this Formula F Piper-Honda was just as much fun as I remembered,” Pagenaud said. “These days, I am more used to the high-performance power of IndyCars and prototypes, so I had to return to the ‘basics’ and focus on the fundamentals of racing. Momentum and precision were the key words! Whatever inputs you made with your feet and hands, the car would react instantly and perfectly; it would give you a lesson at every corner.”

Pagenaud was one of three different Pacific Formula F race winners this year, with Jeff Sakowicz and Jon Brandstad also scoring two wins apiece during the season. Pagenaud’s victories last weekend were the first for a Honda-powered Formula F in the Pacific series.

But it was consistent finishes – two second-place runs at Las Vegas coupled with a fourth-place finish at the second Buttonwillow race in May – that clinched the championship for Andersen. In all, 10 drivers scored championship points this year, giving the series a solid base upon which to build for its second season in 2012.

In 2012, plans call for the Formula F Super Series to again run as a separate class with doubleheader events at four of the six Pacific F2000 race weekends, totaling a championship run of eight races. The fields will continue to feature both the Honda and traditional Kent power plants and chassis from Piper, Swift, Van Diemen and other Formula F manufacturers.

“I recommend this product to any racer! Whether your dream is to race in IndyCar or some other professional category, or if you simply are passionate about the sport and want to drive an open-wheel racer, then Formula F is what you need,” Pagenaud enthused after his race weekend in the Piper Honda. “This is a great ‘weapon’ for either professional or amateur SCCA events. It definitely is where you should ‘use up your shoes.’”

More information on the Pacific Formula F Super Series is available on the web at www.pacificF2000.com.


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