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Monday, December 20, 2010

FAQ: HPD Sale of CR125 Kits

What/who is HPD? Honda Performance Development (HPD) is Honda’s racing company within North America. Founded in 1993, and located in Santa Clarita, Calif., HPD is the technical operations center for American Honda’s high-performance racing cars and engines. In addition to its grassroots motorsports business, HPD is the single engine supplier to the IZOD IndyCar Series and spearheaded Acura’s championship-winning efforts in the American Le Mans Series.

Why is HPD entering the karting market? We are continuing to expand our outreach to individual grassroots competitors who are running Honda products. In the past, the CR125 engine kit was only available through Honda Motorcycle dealers. HPD is now making this kit available to individual competitors.

Does HPD’s market entry mean that individuals can no longer purchase parts from their current source? No. If a competitor has a current relationship with a parts shop or engine builder, that’s great. HPD’s involvement in the sport will not affect existing relationships.

Does HPD’s participation mean that dealers or engine rebuild shops must now buy their parts from HPD? No. Independent shops can continue to purchase parts from Honda Motorcycle dealers. These shops can also purchase parts from HPD through the Honda Racing Line as an alternative source.

Why should I as an individual competitor buy CR125 kits/parts from HPD? The Honda Racing Line can offer door/door part delivery through our website sales portal. Our sales staff can also offer technical support, providing racer support for racers, by racers!

What engine models/parts are available from HPD? The CR125, which is sanctioned for use in Spec Honda (Stock Moto) classes.

Is HPD offering the CR125 as a crate engine? No. HPD is offering a parts kit, which the customer will need to assemble.

Will HPD offer any other karting products in the future? HPD will consider expansion of the product line as market needs dictate.

What is the Honda Racing Line? Launched in July 2009, the Honda Racing Line is a program targeted at licensed participants in sanctioned amateur and entry-level professional racing. The Honda Racing Line was formed to provide its members with a direct connection to Honda Performance Development and its unparalleled record of success at the highest levels of motorsport. Competitors may register for the Honda Racing Line through HondaRacingLine.com.

Do I need to be a Honda Racing Line member to buy parts from HPD? Yes. Currently, we are accepting Honda Racing Line applications in preparation for parts sales. Applications will help HPD to forecast product demand, and ensure timely customer delivery.

What is required for kart racers to join the Honda Racing Line? To be eligible for membership you must:
  • Be able to prove current membership in a nationally recognized sanctioning body.
  • Demonstrate that you’re a racer; able to provide official race results for two event finishes within the last year.
  • Complete and submit the Honda Racing Line registration form.
    Be a resident of the United States.
When CR125 parts go on sale, how much will they be? Price lists will be available in early 2011.

Will HPD provide other parts for karters? For now, we are focused on ensuring adequate supply of the CR125 engine/parts to individuals. HPD will consider expansion of the product line as market needs dictate.

Who should I contact at the Honda Racing Line in order to obtain more information? Please contact HPD for sales and product information. HPD can be reached via email at grmsadmin@hra.com, or by calling (661) 702-7777.

Does Honda offer any contingency money for karters? Not at this time.

Does Honda sponsor a particular series at this time? We sponsored the S2 class at the 2010 SuperNats. No sponsorship plans for 2011 have been made at this time.

Does Honda have a driver ‘ladder’ development program? Honda’s range of products offers competitors the opportunity to matriculate into more advanced levels of the sport. HPD’s Honda Racing Line staff can be called upon to offer product insight and support.

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