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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Element-D Drifts Into So Cal

Irwindale, CA. (Oct 8-9, 2010) – Continuing their inaugural season in Formula-D competition, Honda Performance Development and Team Honda Research contested the seventh and final round of the 2010 Formula-D series at the Toyota Motor Speedway with the Honda Element-D. http://www.formulad.com/

With over 500HP at the rear wheels, the Element-D is the ultimate tire-shredding SUV and the only Honda in Formula-D competition. The driver, James Robinson, is using an abbreviated 2010 Formula-D season as a way to effectively prepare for a full championship attempt in 2011. http://www.hondaresearch.com/element-d/element-d

The Toyota Speedway in Irwindale is known as the "House of Drift." This legendary venue gave U.S. drifting its roots and is often referred to as the "birthplace" of American drifting. This is the home track for most of the pro drivers, and each year the competition grows more intense. The course is both challenging and exciting, utilizing part of the short oval and numerous inside turns which require lots of speed and lots of power!"

Thanks to many of the lessons we learned from Round 5 in Las Vegas, we were prepared to take on the big speedway track," stated Robinson, "We had no problems from the Element-D and were looking strong for qualifying."

Qualifying took place on Friday, Oct. 8, and the course was packed with more than 40 of Formula-D's most experienced drifters. Facing an uphill battle, the Element headed into its two qualifying runs. The first run yielded a score of 40, which would place the rookie team at the bottom of the board, but the second run brought a strong score of 62.1.

After all the drivers made their passes, the THR team received the news: Qualified 33rd! Although missing the top 32 by just 0.1 points, this marked the rookie team’s highest finish, and provided an excellent way to wrap up the season. Always upbeat, James stated: "Although we weren't able to qualify among the top 32, we are still very excited about the Formula-D series, and are already making plans for a truly competitive Honda vehicle in 2011."

Although the 2010 Formula-D season is finished, plans are under way for 2011. Stay tuned to the HPD blog to see future updates regarding the buildup to Round 1 in Long Beach, in April 2011!

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