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Monday, January 18, 2010

The Baja 1000 - Journal #3

Tech line and hatmania

11.19.09 American Honda raided its stockroom and came up with several boxes of Honda championship hats, circa 1998! While these would be our giveaways, I wondered if eBay might be a better place for them, as these were now, no doubt, collector’s items! The team decided that the thing to do would be to wait until the truck was moving along in the tech line and then, with a couple of guys sitting in the bed of the truck, to break out the hats – and so they did. Pandemonium broke out almost immediately! The truck disappeared amongst a complete sea of people, all scrabbling for a hat or two.

Crazy hat giveaway!

Tech inspection itself was a fairly basic affair; most of the entries were already known to the inspection people, so they were primarily concerned with checking seat belts, helmets and race suits. Needless to say, no issues arose with the Ridgeline. We took the opportunity to speak directly with technical representatives from SCORE, the sanctioning body, about an increased Honda presence; perhaps offering an alternative engine package or even a new class alternative engine. This was met with a lot of general enthusiasm and needs further follow-up to see what is truly possible.

Ridgeline race truck going through Tech

to be continued. . .

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