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Friday, August 28, 2009

“An Aspiring Engineer”

My name is Matthew! My work at Honda Performance Development, Inc., is my first job as an engineer out of college. Working for HPD as an engineer was my dream job, and my experiences have thus far exceeded my expectations.

While completing my degree, I spent three years in motorsports as a technician on chassis, engine, and dynamometer projects. Previous companies focused on the bottom line more than on development. But, HPD is different. The company provides great learning opportunities for associates because it allows us to try new things and work in an environment where these ideas are celebrated.

At Honda Performance Development, Inc., I am responsible for:

  • Engine calibration, which includes fuel and spark management, along with sensor calibration.
  • Test coordination, to verify design parameters and engine durability in representative conditions.
  • Trackside support, using engine instrumentation and trackside analysis of engine parameters.
Honda Performance Development Inc., collaboratively develops the highest level of endurance technology for racing. Individual associates’ contributions to these engines are geared towards meticulously engineered subcomponents that require precise planning to fit all pieces into place.

As a young engineer at Honda Performance Development, I have had the opportunity to work on both pinnacle racing and grassroots motorsports projects, which has allowed me another opportunity to express my creativity. During this past year, the engine on which I’ve been focused has changed from a high-powered ALMS P1 engine to a 115 horsepower FF/Fit engine, but the development theory and expectations remain the same, and these opportunities help broaden my knowledge base and, by extension, Honda’s.

I am living the Honda Racing Spirit Dream.

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